10 Popular Investments You Should AVOID As a Beginner 2023

10 Popular Investments You Should AVOID As a Beginner 2023

A couple of months ago there was a lot of concern about Rising interest rates which caused a big market shakeup and experts feared it could lead to an economic crisis interestingly the anticipated recession has yet to happen companies have been doing better 

Than we thought with their earnings showing a robust 4% growth in the first quarter double what was predicted however there are still some concerns about the economy's health so as you think about investing this year it's essential to pick the best investment options 

And recognize and avoid the riskier ones some Investments seem great but they may pose significant risks that could jeopardize your financial security fortunately in today's article I'll guide you through the top 10 Investments you should avoid this year so without wasting any time let's get started


1. Annuities

Annuities comeing in two primary forms fixed and variable in a fixed annuity you give money to an insurance company in return they promise to provide a set income for a specific duration or your whole life on the other hand a variable annuity involves putting your money in 

Investments similar to mutual funds this means your income can vary giving you more or less money than a fixed annuity so why are annuities not a good choice while they might be suitable for a few investors many can achieve the same goals using different Investments without the downsides of 

annuities these downsides include High fees and steep charges which can be around 7% if you decide to take out your money soon after investing additionally just like with IRAs you can't pull out your money from an annuity before you're 59 and a half years old without getting hit with tax penalties

Penny Stocks

2. Penny Stocks

According to the US Securities and Exchange Commission penny stocks are shares of small companies that trade for less than $5 each but often on Wall Street when people talk about penny stocks they refer to those trading for under $1 the Allure of penny stocks for many investors is their low cost cost even a slight 

increase in the Stock's price can result in significant returns for instance if you purchase a penny stock at 50 cents and its value Rises by 10 cents you've made a 20% profit impressive right so why are they on this list generally their low prices reflect struggling companies that might be nearing bankruptcy the world of penny stocks is right with Market 

manipulation some promoters might hype up a specific penny stock claiming is the next big thing to increase their price they sell their shares once the price is up making a profit while penny stocks can be tempting due to their potential for high returns they are speculative they can be heavily manipulated making them a risky investment Choice

High Yield Bonds

3. High Yield Bonds

Bonds are like IUS you lend money to a company and in return they promise to pay you back with interest however not all bonds are created equal some are riskier and these are often called high yield or junk bonds moreover Credit Agencies usually rate these bonds lower 

indicating that the company is more likely to default on its debt in the investment World more significant risks often promise greater rewards so when many Investments yield low returns high yield bonds tempt investors due to their potential for better profits despite the risk just as people with low credit scores are 

deemed risky by Banks companies with low credit ratings are also considered dangerous to investors if you invest in a bond from a low rated company it goes back bankrupt and you could lose your entire investment it's also tricky 

for individual investors to gather enough detailed information to fully assess a company's Health making it challenging to pick a reliable high yield Bond while purchasing these bonds through mutual funds can reduce the risk it doesn't make it disappear entirely 

Private Placements

4. Private Placements

Private placement are special stock sales from companies not listed on public stock exchanges to invest in these you need to be an accredited investor according to the US Securities and Exchange Commission an accredited investor should have an income over $200,000 or $300,000 with a spouse in the 

past two years and expect the same in the same year alternatively having a net worth of over $1 million qualifies you as an accredited investor this investment route is open to some while genuine private placement opportunities exist they might only suit some investors best for many obtaining enough information to determine their worthiness is challenging similar to the risks of penny stocks there's a chance of being misled some promoters may need to emphasize the potential gains 

sidelining the associated risks another drawback is the potential difficulty of selling these Investments if major investors or company insiders sell their shares first others might find themselves holding a depreciating asset

The Lottery

5. The Lottery

Lotteries are very popular across the US almost every state has its version becoming an instant millionaire with a small investment like buying a one1 or $2 ticket can be very appealing this Fascination is further heightened when we see winners celebrated in the media making it seem like anyone could win however when we delve into the odds of winning the reality paints 

a very different picture take the Powerball lottery for instance the chances of securing its jackpot are approximately 1 in 29 92 million this means you have a better chance of discovering a pearl in an oyster or even getting struck by lightning than winning the Power Ball generally when it comes to lotteries or gambling the chances of winning big are incredibly slim almost like hunting for a needle 

in a hay stack over time you'll likely spend more on tickets than you ever win the money you could have invested or saved while dreaming of a big win is fun it can lead to unhealthy spending habits or addiction moreover if you get lucky and win taxes will take up a considerable portion depending on your state while playing the lottery occasionally for fun is fine it is not a reliable or sensible way to invest money or plan for financial growth

Currency Trading

6. Currency Trading

currency Trading often referred to as Forex Trading is not recommended for beginners due to its complex nature and rapid rate fluctuations such a fast-paced environment can pose significant risks especially to those who trade based on emotions or limited knowledge experienced investors in this business often study specific currency patterns 

to minimize risks a common strategy they employee is simultaneously selling one currency while buying another given the interconnected currency markets this tactic helps protect their Investments against potential losses the Forex Market is also 

known for allowing High leverage which means you can handle a large amount of currency with just a tiny amount of money Brokers usually offer High leverage like 50 to1 this technique can increase profits and magnify losses so using leverage needs careful thought and understanding

Fallen Angels

7. Fallen Angels

A fallen angel refers to a stock or bond that was once doing well but has significantly dropped in value in bonds it's when a company that used to have a high credit rating is now considered junk for stocks it's those that were once thriving but are now struggling people 

sometimes get attracted to them hoping they'll recover and return to their Glory Days stocks that experience such significant declines are also called Falling knives this suggests that just like trying to catch a knife in midair attempting to invest in pluming stocks might lead to harm for instance many stocks that 

lose 50% % of their value might continue to decline dropping by 70 80 or even 100% of their initial worth since predicting the exact bottom of a Stock's decline is challenging it's wiser to wait and invest when there's evidence of consistent Improvement only then can the stock shift from a risky choice to a promising investment.

Airline Stocks

8. Airline Stocks

Airline stocks represent some of the world's most recognizable Brands especially for frequent Travelers names like Delta JetBlue American United Southwest and others are all publicly traded while the coid 19 downturn 

severely impacted the airline sector it's worth noting that even before this crisis Airline stocks carried substantial investment risks in 2013 billionaire Warren Buffett called Airlines a death trap for investors however he later changed his stance and secured a dominant shareholder position in leading Airlines like 

Delta Southwest United and American interestingly Buffett has reverted to his initial view as a report by CNBC revealed that birkshire hway had sold the entirety of its Equity position in the US Airline sector over the years several leading Airlines have experienced 

Financial challenges this includes significant names like United tww Delta US Airways PanAm and Northwest this history highlights the unpredictable nature of this industry even when Airlines seem to be doing well financially they remain vulnerable to unexpected downturns especially in light of recent Global events.


9. Cryptocurrency

cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that has captured the attention of investors over the past 14 years however it's considered one of the riskiest possible Investments this is mainly because most cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ethereum do not have a physical form or real value like gold or silver their value is primarily 

determined by what investors believe they are worth a concept called investor sentiment when people are optimistic about these digital currencies their prices rise but when investors lose Faith or become pessimistic prices may fall the unpredictable nature of cryptocurrencies is further highlighted by the fact that Bitcoin and ethereum two of the most popular cryptocurrency currencies are trading 

at values 60% lower than their highest recorded prices by April 2023 despite past surges in value these two digital currencies have seen significant reductions from their peaks this indicates the level of risk and volatility one should expect when dealing with cryptocurrencies even legendary investor Warren Buffett has reservations about cryptocurrency as at a recent annual meeting 

for his company Brookshire haway Buffett commented on the unpredictable nature of this asset's value he revealed that he couldn't confidently predict whether its value would go up or down in the short term or over the following five or 10 years but one thing Buffett was sure about was the assets inability to produce tangible results an asset should 

provide some concrete benefit or output to be deemed valuable in other words if someone is investing in something that thing should have a clear understandable value or a way it contributes positively cryptocurrency in Buffett's opinion does not meet this criteria and lastly.

The Nigerian Prince

10. The Nigerian Prince

imagine one day you find an email from someone claiming to be a Nigerian prince this so-called Prince is in distress and urgently needs your help he claims to have a vast Fortune that's somehow inaccessible and he promises you a large share of it but only if you 

send him some money first the story might change slightly needing money for fines administrative fees or bribes but the essence remains send money now to get more money later do not follow all for this there's no such thing as easy money this type of scam often known as the Nigerian prince or the 419 scam is among the earliest and most recognized 

email frauds while many people today recognize it for what it is a hoax frauders have evolved their tactics newer versions might not just ask for money they could request your bank details pretend to be you to commit financial fraud or even fake romantic interest to manipulate you into funding for their travel or immigration costs if you ever get unsolicited economic proposals approach that situation 

with caution always be skeptical even if the offer comes from a reputable Source before making any commitments consult with a financial advisor never share your personal or financial information with unverified individuals or entities well that's it.

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